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Garrett Addison is an Australian Indie author. He grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and has been lucky enough to live in or visit most of Australia and much of the world. He now lives in Melbourne with his family.

Not averse to change, thus far, he has been an Army officer, software consultant and author. But this is just the beginning.

So far, Garrett has written two novels, MINIONS and THE TRAVELLER, with more to come.  Revenge features prominently in his novels.

You may well have seen Garrett on Twitter, as @GarrettAddison. He’s the guy promoting reading in general (particularly #GetReading) and also reading the works of Indie authors and something that might not yet be a best-seller (#ReadDifferent).

'Closure' is coming...

Garrett’s next/latest novel, ‘Closure’ is coming!

Featuring his trademark theme of revenge, ‘Closure’ will make a worthy addition to the reading lists of all readers wanting to #GetReading and #ReadDifferent!

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